With 7 coaching certifications and over 11,000 client hours, I can help you move the needle in the areas you need the most help, from the executive boardroom to the bedroom or the birthing room. 

Erotic Blueprints ® | Green Flag Dating™ | Breakup Mojo™ 
Devotional Kink™  | Wheel of Consent ® | Somatic Shibari Storytelling™

 Rapid Cognitive Rewiring | Intense Experience Integration  | Hypnotherapy 

Clearing past trauma | Preparing for VBAC or natural birth | Doula Services

OOLA Life Coaching

"Do you want to feel more joy in your life? That is what you need to ask yourself if you're considering coaching with Kristin. Kristin is an intuitive guide and bridge to love that leads you back to yourself for inner healing so it is possible to hold more joy. She effortlessly creates a safe container for you to identify self-limiting behaviors, then offers many tools from a vast array of modalities, including deep guided hypnosis meditations, partner conversation templates, and playful storytelling with shibari rope to discover & unwind unconscious attachment patterns. Her work expedites the healing process for limiting patterns to evolve without getting stuck in a talking-about-it-loop! Kristin helps you reconnect your body, mind, and spirit and brings coherence to what has felt deeply confusing for so long. Kristin's work elevated me out of repetitive narrative loops that many years of traditional talk therapy could not break. The result of working with Kristin is a sense of lightness with a new awareness so we can show up better for ourselves and our partners." - Jacob

Local Workshops & Classes
Wild Women Circle: 
A Soul-Expanding Journey
Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 6-8pm
Hanai Center, Bend, OR
Your Blueprint for Pleasure
Intro Workshop
Monday, June 17, 2024, 6-8pm
Hanai Center, Bend, OR

Your Blueprint For Pleasure: 
A Deep-Dive Weekend Workshop
Summer 2024
Bend, OR

Why Coaching?
It’s a well known fact that, of all the things successful people do to accelerate their path to success, working with a professional coach is at the top of the list. In fact, private coaching is so impactful that major companies are now assigning personal coaches to high-performing executives and up-and-coming “stars” they’ve identified for future leadership positions. But coaching is not just for business people. Professional athletes, college students, retiring Baby Boomers—plus millions more people from all walks of life—are working with coaches to create the life they want.

As a coach, I bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go, and help you come home to yourself. I am an empathetic safe space and also an uncompromising truth-teller, always standing for your highest good.  seemingly impossible: to be an empathetic safe space, and an uncompromisingly truth-teller, always standing for your highest good. 

I can help you:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with the goals, vision, and dreams of what you want to achieve
  • Encourage your growth, self-discovery & healing journey
  • Confront your unconscious behaviors and old patterns
  • Address and unblock limiting beliefs & integrate intense experiences
  • Co-create specific solutions and strategies to help you achieve your goals
  • Help you sort through opportunities that arise from your forward momentum
  • Increase the options that are consciously available to you
  • Achieve the results that are most important to you
Intimacy & Erotic Blueprints Coaching
1.  "Erotic Blueprints" - your unique pleasure wiring
The '5 Love Languages...'  between the sheets! Each of the five Erotic Blueprint Types have different turn ons and superpowers, as well as challenges, shadow aspects, needs, and desires. When you discover your unique erotic blueprint stacking, you gain a clear understanding of what turns you on, why your partner’s needs and desires can be completely different, and why you may be experiencing different challenges or blocks, or even shutting during intimacy. There is no such thing as sexual incompatibility, when you understand the Erotic Blueprints.

2. "Green Flag Dating" - opening to joyful possibilities
I can help you find the love you crave by becoming the living embodiment of love: clearing up past relationship wounds, setting a clear vision, developing a "Jedi-level" dating profile, maintaining healthy boundaries, and navigating the modern world of dating without exhaustion or overwhelm... and actually making it FUN!

3. "Naked & Unashamed" - Healing Body Image, Trauma, Pain & Shame
Addressing the underlying challenges, blocks, and heartbreaks of the past, I can help you fall in love with yourself, develop a healthy personal sexual ethic, and be able to meet your own eyes in the mirror and be fully revealed to others, naked and unashamed.

and much more... 
"WOW! the more pleasure I have in all aspects of life, the happier and more whole I feel. I listen to my body more. I can't believe I was missing out on this until now." 

Are you Sensual, Kinky, Energetic, Sexual, or a Shapeshifter? Find out more by downloading my free eBook, and check out the other Free Gifts on the menu, including a free 15-minute guided "Bubble of Peace" meditative visualization, and the famous Erotic Blueprints Quiz!

"Kristin's work expedites the healing process for limiting patterns to evolve without getting stuck in a 'talking-about-it-loop!' Kristin helps you reconnect your body, mind, and spirit and brings coherence to what has felt deeply confusing for so longShe elevated me out of repetitive narrative loops that many years of traditional talk therapy could not break." 

Trauma-Informed Mindset Coaching & Hypnotherapy 

End Struggle Now & Experience Peak Performance
We all experience both 'big T' and 'little t' traumas, and need help resetting our nervous system & subconscious wiring. I bring 15 years of certified Hypnotherapy and deep mastery of Accelerated Evolution's verbally-guided transformative processes to this work (imagine a blend of EMDR, hypnosis, somatic art therapy, and somatic stress release techniques; this work is gentle & effective & unlike anything you've experienced before). 

Dissolve inner conflict, emotional knots & stored trauma, to allow natural peace of mind, flow, and emotional freedom:
  • First responders: military, police, veterans & wildland firefighters (so you can get back in your Nomex again)
  • People deconstructing from religious trauma
  • High-performers achieving next-level goals with ease
  • Survivors of assault, abuse, or healing from the emotional impact of a car accident, stroke, traumatic brain injury or other challenge
  • Rediscovering a new identity & creating a new story

Pregnancy & Childbirth
Pregnancy & Birth Trauma Resolution 
Experienced Birth Doula Support

I attended my first birth at the age of 3, when I attended my mother's labor with my baby brother. My love of birth has continued for many decades, and I have supported hundreds of Central Oregon families through childbirth education and births. 

I specialize in helping parents prepare for birth or VBAC with hypnosis, heal from prior difficult experiences with conception, pregnancy or infant loss, and traumatic birth, rediscovering sexuality after baby, and in providing exceptional evidence-based, birth doula work according to DONA-International standards. 

“Kristin, words cannot express our gratitude for your help. You have the most amazing gift. Thank you for you love and comfort in making this birth so spiritual and special!”


Life Coaching, Navigation & Balance
Less stress, refined clarity, defined strategy,  & deeper fulfillment.
Oola means living life joyful, wholehearted, and ready to take advantage whenever good times and opportunity appear.

The Oola Life Coaching program is also the proven framework for getting back on track, and finding balance in the 7 key areas of life.

The Oola framework helps people get healthy, eliminate debt, build wealth, move into their dream career, have more fun, create a better circle of friends, resolve lifelong family conflict, find their ultimate life purpose . . . and so much more.

"When I started working with Kristin, I was working two jobs: full-time 9-5, then driving Uber 4 nights/week. I was exhausted, overworked, and living day-to-day. Through the OOLA program and with her accountability & encouragement. my self-worth  soared. I was recruited for a much higher-paying job with more vacation time, I went on an international trip for the first time ever! I had NO IDEA how much my life would change from working with Kristin, and I'm forever grateful."

"Kristin has an uncanny ability to ask clarifying questions that cut to the quick and pierce directly to the heart of the matter at hand. She does so with a grace and gentleness that will set you at ease as you do the hard work of digging deep to unearth underlying issues to move past roadblocks, setting you on a path to breakthrough. I'm so grateful for the time I spent with Kristin as my coach!" 

- Louise

'Kristin was better than I could have ever hoped. Transparent, honest, encouraging, and inspiring are just a few of the adjectives that describe her. Kristin is an incredible coach, and time spent with her will enrich your life in ways you might never expect.'

- Tanya 

Am I the coach for you?
Some people love salted caramel and dark chocolate. For others Swedish Fish and
Skittles are their thing. Nothing wrong with either. Let’s find out if I’m your flavor and
you’re mine with a complimentary consultation!