kristin (WILDER) warnaca

"Kristin is an intuitive guide and bridge to love that leads you back to yourself for inner healing so it is possible to hold more joy. "

Ahhhh, hurray - you've found me!! I'm delighted to welcome you to this site, and share a bit more about myself with you.  If you are looking for a masterful guide for gentle and powerful transformation, spiritual evolution and ecstatic living, I might just be the person you've been looking for! I love helping people experience WILDER INTIMACY and LIVE and LOVE DIFFERENTLY... in all areas of life. I utilize skills and intuition to help people break through barriers, and my greatest joy is seeing my client's "a-ha!" breakthrough moments. I believe in the power of connection and community, and that true change requires courage, consistency, and compassion. 

I've coached for 17 years: first as a birth doula, standing at women's sides and holding their hands as they birth new life... as an Oola Life Coach, helping people live differently by finding balance in the 7 key areas of life, as an Advisory Coach, mentoring over 1,000 coaches in training, as a Mindset & Hypnotherapy coach, and as a Sex andIintimacy coach with the Erotic Blueprints, developed by Jaiya Ma. 

I "doula" people every day; standing with and walking beside people through conceiving new ideas, holding them through contractions, portals of transition and birthing and nurturing new ways of living (sometimes it's literally actually newborn babes; other times it's big changes in life like healing an injury, creating a new paradigm, navigating a breakup, creating a new relationship, or an erotic renaissance.

My own lived experience of healing from religious trauma and purity culture, rebuilding life after divorce, complex PTSD, brain injury, post-concussive syndrome and more, gives me a deep capacity for empathy and understanding. I am a grateful member of Al Anon, 10 years into recovery from codependent relationships and chronic over-giving.

 I live in the gorgeous high-desert of Bend, Oregon, and am devoted to my Warrior Sage husband Eric and our three teenage children. I have a deep and abiding affection for snickerdoodle cookies, fresh flowers, heavy metal, and the smell of a well-written 

My personal stories of releasing unhealthy relationships and finding peace and faith on the other side of toxic religion have been featured in two books, including The International New York Times bestseller, “Oola for Women.”  

More of my personal stories related to each Coaching Speciality are on my 1:1 Services Pages.

I aspire to live barefoot and braless, walk a prayer labyrinth every morning, and raise honeybees in a meadow.


  • Bridge - from where you are to where you want to go; a path back home to yourself; comfortable with liminality & duality, spanning incompatible polarities and finding the Oneness of all. 
  • Weaver - I find the threads of all aspects of living and show you how to weave them into an aligned and beautiful tapestry
  • Transmission - of love, healing, life force energy & and luscious liberation
  • Conduit - sometimes things come out of my mouth that I have never heard before and can't repeat again - they intuitively flow through me, for you... so soak it up, take what serves you and leave the rest
  • Cheerleader - celebrating you SO big (expect gifs and lots of emojis if you send me celebration texts)
  • Confidante - trustworthy listener
  • Mirror of Truth - reflecting where you are now and holding the vision of who you wish to become
  • Doula - sometimes babies; most often, helping you through the life-birthing process into new ways of being
  • "Velvet Hammer” - keeping you accountable with tender ferocity
  • Guide & Teacher - sharing tools, best practices, and resources
  • Compass - reminding you of your personal values & ethics if your vision ever wavers
  • Champion of your healing, growth & expansion

  • A therapist
  • A goddess or guru
  • Your mother, sister, or best friend
  • A Dominatrix, sexual surrogate, or somatic sexologist
  • A crutch, a fixer, savior, or enabler
  • A person who condones reckless, risky, or out of integrity behavior for the cause of 'authenticity' or 'self expression'
Personality Info:
💫Human Design: 5/1 Emotional Generator, Right Angle Cross of the Alpha
🌕Enneagram Tritype: 2/7/9
☀️Firstborn Leo
🌙StrengthsFinders: Empathy, Woo, Strategic, Communication, Activator
⚡Erotic Blueprints: Shapeshifter, high Kinky Energetic

Random Facts:
  • I don’t ski or snowboard (an anomaly in a high desert mountain town)
  • Cultural virgin: I grew up without TV or radio
  • I named one of my children after a character in Lord of the Rings
  • I have post-concussive synesthesia
I Adore:
 Dancing; especially West Coast Swing & Tango
 Soundbaths & heavy metal (TOOL is my favorite band
 Books: The Power of One, Book Thief
♥ Currently Watching: Vikings
 I geek out about: Human Design, Enneagram
Licensed Erotic Blueprints™ Coach
Wheel of Consent™  Educator
Certified Hypnotherapist
OOLA Life Coach
Accelerated Evolution Coach, Warrior Sage Academy

Training In Progress
Somatic Attachment Therapy Practitioner

Former Certifications and Education
Leadership Coach with Building Up Leaders
DONA-Certified Birth Doula
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Educator
Happiest Baby on the Block Educator
OOLA Green Gap Finance Coach
OOLA Advisory & Mentor Coach
BA, English Lit & Speech Communication

A sneak-peek of what you'll experience with me:

  • A micro-business (I handle every part of my business, and I like it that way)
  • My full focus every time we meet
  • A foundation of empathy, safety, and nervous system co-regulation. 
  • 90-minute sessions - 3 hour deep dives or weekend immersions
  • Customized coaching based that compliments your learning style, 4 Tendencies, and even Human Design and Enneagram type.
  • Accountability for your commitments and practical implementation of our work between sessions (your results depend on you)
  • A non-linear & intuitive path (some of my programs do have modules or frameworks - however, we will linger, skip ahead, and move around if needed for YOUR particular situation, and I'll always augment with additional tools, resources, and somatic embodiment practices that are curated specifically for you.

What will definitely not happen:

  • Me looking at my watch at 55 minutes or kicking you out mid-sentence
  • Insurance billing
  • Medical advice (I do collaborate with amazing experts I can refer you to!)
  • A fancy-tech, slick automation, high overhead business with bells & whistles (I think that's rad, and also totally isn't my gift nor my desire)
  • Heavy-duty homework or journaling (unless you ask for it ;))
  • Me putting my personal beliefs or ethics on you
  • Enabling, rescuing, or letting you get away with unethical, addictive, or self-sabotaging patterns
  • Perpetuating Drama Triangle stories  ('victim, villain, hero' trap)
  • A 24/7 on-call crisis line (that's for RAINN, the actual crisis & stabilization centers, & 911 dispatchers)