Passionate Possibilities Call
Are we meant to be? Am I the perfect coach you've been longing for? Are you my dream client? Let's find out with an in-depth "Passionate Possibilities" call! 

I will send you a detailed application in advance of our call; please fill it out as thoroughly as possible. 
(I choose my clients carefully, and if your needs are outside of my scope of practice, I may give you recommendations for other providers or coaching/therapy modalities.)

If your application is accepted, we will will dive into a delicious 60-90 minute exploratory phone session, becoming 'erotic detectives' to explore what you most desire, crave, and what may be missing in your love & intimate life. We will take a preliminary look at what is holding you back, and identify your desires and goals to spark passionate satisfaction and enhance your life moving forward. (If you'll be doing this work with your partner, please have them present on our call, and have them fill out their own individual intake form.)

Please do NOT schedule an appointment or fill out this form if…
- You can't invest your time to be committed to the journey, or if you are looking for an instant fix (most programs range between 3 - 12 months)
- You don’t want to make a financial investment in your healing and sexuality (depending on the scope of our work, investments range between $5k - $20k)
- You are looking for sexological bodywork or hands-on somatic coaching 
- The love is gone but you haven’t left / the relationship is already over
- You experienced recent infidelity
- You are experiencing physical or emotional abuse
- You aren’t committed to personal growth

Please DO schedule an appointment and fill out the application if:
🌹You have already done a lot of 'work' on yourself but neglected your sexuality
🌹You are a Yes to your sexual healing and expansion
🌹You are ready to learn new ways of thinking, believing, and 'being' when it comes to your pleasure & connection
🌹You are a Yes to your sexual wholeness, reclamation, confidence, & joy

If we mutually feel a full-body, all in "YES" to working together after our call, I will create a custom coaching proposal based on our discussion. 

If either of us feel it's not a fit, I will give you some personalized recommendations for next steps or referrals to other providers that may be a better fit for your needs.

Deliciously anticipating hearing your voice!