PODCAST: How To Love Life Even When Life Keeps Happening

PODCAST: How To Love Life Even When Life Keeps Happening
with Alison McLean, host of Ignite Ur Wellness Business Podcast

Description: If you feel stuck in a dark tunnel, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed and life keeps happening TO you, then you need to hear Kristin's story. She shares all that she's gone through and how she is now living her best life. You will hear how she moved from crisis, trauma, and chronic adrenal fatigue, Lyme disease, and Traumatic Brain Injury to now loving a life of balance and purpose using the OOLA life-coaching framework (one of her many coaching certifications). 

PODCAST: How to Become an Erotic Detective

PODCAST: How to Become an Erotic Detective
with Doug Holt, The Powerful Man Podcast

Description: Are you curious about how to turn your bedroom from a battlefield into an oasis? In this interview with The Powerful Man Podcast, Kristin takes a deeper dive into the topic of innate sexual wiring. You will learn the five categories of Erotic Blueprint Types (and the 5 stages of Sexuality) which can help you better understand yourself, better understand your partner and create a better sexual relationship.

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PODCAST: Anguish, Abuse & Ankle Length Skirts

PODCAST: Anguish, Abuse & Ankle Length Skirts
Anguish, Abuse & Ankle Length Skirts
The Mass Exodus Podcast

Kristin grew up in the 2x2 religious cult and experienced constant oppression, brain washing, and abuse at the hands of its leaders and members. Eventually, she left it all behind to become an ambassador of healing and wholeness on the other side (check out the golden nuggets of wisdom in the final 20 minutes to hear how Kristin turned the pain of her past into her purpose for the future.)

FBI 2x2 Investigation: report abuse victims

Principles of Pleasure

I Believe: 
  • You're not broken
  • Where you are is just where you are, not who you are
  • You can always get your mojo back
  • Sex gets to be FUN: its how we play as adults
  • Communication is Lubrication - talking about sex can be fun instead of scary
  • There is no upper limit to pleasure
  • Sex is natural, but lovemaking is an art,  it's worth it to ask for help & learn new skills:  no one is born knowing how to be a good lover
  • The more nourished & fulfilled you are sexually, the more successful you are in other areas of life
  • Sexual energy is LIFE FORCE energy
  • Sex is not just something you do; it's a place you go & experience you co-create
  • Sex can be the most healing, transformative, freeing, and joyous part of your relationship
  • There is wisdom in the middle path: neither being ashamed of nor growing addicted to your desires
  • Everyone has experienced trauma. Healing is always possible
  • Pleasure is your birthright
  • You have the capacity and inner resources to achieve anything you wish to create in your own life
  • Sexuality is natural, normal, healthy & safe

I am a somatic spiritual doula/midwife

I am a somatic spiritual doula/midwife
I am a somatic spiritual doula/midwife

I am the carrier wave of transcendent soul and sexual awakening, returning people to their innate wholeness, innocence, and vitality.

I am living oxytocin. 

I am the midwife, the doula, the divine mother.  I am the birth canal, and the stretching and opening of contraction and expansion that propels new life into fullness and growth.

I celebrate that people are changed in my very presence: connected to themselves and their divinity and sexuality in a sacred and healing way. 

The profane and the pure are one in my eyes, and they integrate to wholeness held in my loving, fierce, and nurturing container.

Come home, dear one. Let us walk together for awhile. 

- Kristin (aka Lady Liberty)

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