I Believe: 
  • You're not broken
  • Where you are is just where you are, not who you are
  • You can always get your mojo back
  • Sex gets to be FUN: its how we play as adults
  • Communication is Lubrication - talking about sex can be fun instead of scary
  • There is no upper limit to pleasure
  • Sex is natural, but lovemaking is an art,  it's worth it to ask for help & learn new skills:  no one is born knowing how to be a good lover
  • The more nourished & fulfilled you are sexually, the more successful you are in other areas of life
  • Sexual energy is LIFE FORCE energy
  • Sex is not just something you do; it's a place you go & experience you co-create
  • Sex can be the most healing, transformative, freeing, and joyous part of your relationship
  • There is wisdom in the middle path: neither being ashamed of nor growing addicted to your desires
  • Everyone has experienced trauma. Healing is always possible
  • Pleasure is your birthright
  • You have the capacity and inner resources to achieve anything you wish to create in your own life
  • Sexuality is natural, normal, healthy & safe


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