Love note for my clients:
Bring me your shame.
Your disappointment.
Your hurt and pain and too-muchness, your not-enough ness.
Bring me your shadows and darkness,
Your secrets and hiding,
The stories you try to forget - 
The sides of you that you don’t like to see.

Bring me your lonely and sad,
Your pain and sorrow and heartache and bitterness
Bring me your rejection,
your Jerry Springer moments....
Your addictions.
Bring me your anger and loneliness 
Bring me your fears and do it all yourself and striving.
Bring the parts of you that have never seen the light.

Bring me your secret hopes,
Longings and desires,
Dreams you thought had died.
Numbness, sensitivity,
curiosity and questions.

Let us name them and see them and give them a voice.
Sit in the light, accepted and seen.
Find balm for your heart,
Rest for your mind,
And healing for your soul. 

You are not broken.

You are safe with me. 

- Kristin (aka Lady Liberty)


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