PODCAST: Stop, Drop, and Talk Dirty to Me!
with Tristan Noel LeClair, What Not To Do Podcast

Session notes: 
"We got a request to do a 'dirty talk' episode so I brought in the big guns! Kristin Wilder Warnaca of @wilderintimacy is BACK to give you the world's MOST juciest and educational tutorial. This is for all my beebees in relationships (spectifcally for those who want to be ready for pulling out the tricks confidently when the time comes). 
CLASS IS IN SESSION! Kristin Wilder, sex and intimacy coach extraordinaire is back to teach you how to feel confident in asking what you want from your partner and to give a much needed tutorial on how to TALK DIRTY! Its all here in this episode!! 
Make this valentines day your spiciest ever with a little help from your favorite podcast!" 


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